The Cupcake Bar, Austin, Texas

Via photographer Edward Verosky, who took the photos for their site, we learned about a new place in Austin, Texas called The Cupcake Bar. They bill their custom cupcake company as "a full service bar that is the perfect entertainment for any office party, holidy party, shower, bachelorette party, wedding reception, or any event." You can personalize the cupcake bar with colors sand toppics and then guests get to create their own special cupcakes. That sounds so fun! You can contact them at info at or
512-903-0187 to book your event.


Glenda said…
What a cute idea, I love it. Wish I lived near Austin to check it out.
Erin said…
NOM! Can I just say that I'm so happy it's my birthday month, if only for the multiple cupped cakes I can get away with nomming?

Thanks for the sugar fix!
Anonymous said…
That's a very unique idea. Kind of reminds me of paint your own pottery, except you can eat it!