Lemon meringue and rocky road cupcakes from Minneapolis's miel y leche

Both from Flickr user surlygrrrl followed by her descriptions

The cupcakes are by Sheela Namakkal, who sells her cupcakes at Letterbox in Minneapolis:

On Saturdays, the shop sells an assortment of beautifully decorated artisan cupcakes by Sheela Namakkal in flavors like chocolate mint, cranberry orange, and peanut butter and jelly.

She also runs miel y leche catering, and since I will be in Minneapolis in early May, I definitely want to check out her cupcakes. Check out this amazing photo as well.

In preparation for his birthday I asked B what his ideal cupcake would be. He said Rocky Road, then lemon meringue. I emailed Sheela to see if she could do it & told her B's birthday was coming up. She did it, and today B was surprised at Letterbox with Rocky Road & lemon meringue cupcakes!
He ate this one while we were still there, because I knew it wouldn't survive our bike ride home, and he said it was so delicious it made his knees weak.

Thanks again, Sheela!! <3