Peanut Butter Cup Cupcake - Fratello's, Milwaukee WI

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The cupcake experience this visit was far superior to that of the strawberry debacle. For me, I prefer a fluffier cake, but Heather liked the cake in its dense form. Overall, the Peanut Butter was the hands down winner - it was all in the frosting - the combination of peanut butter and the base white frosting made it smoother than the white frosting on it's own. I am not a s'mores fan in general - but again, Heather loved it as much as I loved the Peanut Butter. All three had a chocolate mousse injected from the bottom. (If it were a fluffier mousse or if it were injected from the top in would not leak out the bottom of the cupcake) I hate to say it, but the prettiest; the Turtle, was our least favorite to eat. Just nothing special. As we left, I threw down the gauntlet for some more unique combinations in the future. I will go back, for sure, even if it is for a cupcake and a cocktail after a long day at work.


Sassy said…
That looks just insanely delicious.