Top Chef cupcakes from The Bleeding Heart Bakery

From Chicago's The Bleeding Heart Bakery, via Flickr, their latest Top Chef: Chicago cupcakes:

Top Chef Controversial Cupcake of the Week #4, "Perplexed"

Cake - vanilla cupcake w/ caramelized eggplant, cilantro, jalapeƱo
Frosting - green curry, lemongrass
Tofu - lemongrass syrup, crushed almonds

Top Chef Controversial Cupcake of the Week #3, "TANDORI"

Curry batter cake,studded with fresh mango,pineapple and golden raisins soaked in cardamom syrup. Topped with tumeric frosting and a tiny fondant "rib"

Top Chef Controversial Cupcake of the Week #2, "FIRE #2"

Super spicy chocolate cake with ganache and Mr. Shrimpy.


Anonymous said…
My palate is doing flip flops here! The chocolate one might be good if that is not shrimp.. the other ones just sound odd and shocking!
Ariel said…
Where can I buy those cupcake papers? The blue ones!
no worries, its not real shrimp, my husband just loves his fondant figures :)
Natalie said…
Oh so crazy.
Anonymous said…
fantastic! the fondant figures are great!