We won! We won! Plus Hello, Cupcake event video

We are so thrilled that Hello, Cupcake! authors Karen Tack and Alan Richardson have seen fit to award us the first Hello, Cupcake award. Click through for the recipe.

Finally, an award that you really can share with all the people that helped along the way! For the Hello, Cupcake! Award we used chocolate melting wafers like glue to attach a pretzel, a malted milk ball, and a cookie to a vanilla creme wafer and then stuck them in a mini doughnut to make a trophy statue. You can change the shapes by using different snacks and make an award to match any event; a sports trophy, a teacher's award, or best mom and dad. We customized the ones shown above to honor our friends at Cupcakes take the cake.

You can also check out this great video from YouTube by the ladies of GoodyBlog.

GoodyBlog's also done their fair share of cupcake blogging, including this from Posy's Party Cakes.

And this from Savour's Flickr page:


Anonymous said…
Completely cute!