The Cupcake Station coming to Ann Arbor

from Ann Arbor News:

Let the cupcake war begin.

A year and a half after Cake Nouveau became the hip place to buy a mini cake confection in downtown Ann Arbor, a Birmingham cupcake shop plans to bring its treats here this summer. Think chocolate cheesecake, creme francaise, southern red velvet and Michigan bumpy cakes.

The Cupcake Station will take over the former Washington Street Gallery space in Ed Shaffran's Pretzel Bell building on East Liberty Street.

Kerry Johnson and Tom Holleman opened their Birmingham store in summer 2006. Johnson, who used to own a landscaping business, hopes to open the Ann Arbor location by the end of August.

Johnson said when he first wrote his business plan, he had no idea cupcakes would become as popular as they have - thanks in part to the fame of Magnolia Bakery in New York City and Sprinkles Cupcakes in California, both frequented by celebrities.

Like many other bakeries, they are expanding from their current location in Birmingham, Michigan (136 N. Old Woodward), and will operate both bakeries come the end of July/early August.

Click here to see all their flavors. Some specials:

This is June's flavor of the month - Almond Joy:

Father's Day cupcake is the Cream Sicle, featuring orange cake, a creamy center and smooth orange butter cream

If you've tried Cupcake Station's cupcakes, let us know if they're as good as they look!


Anonymous said…
I have been to Cupcake Station and they were a huge disappointment. The cake was dry and the frosting inconsistent...some had too much and some had barely any per bite. The flavors are not as creative as they sound...the lemon cupcake was just a vanilla cupcake with a yellow frosting that barely tasted of lemon. The minis are extremely tiny and costly at $1.50. Ann Arbor should not be too excited that they are coming to town.
Anonymous said…
That's interesting what the previous "anon" wrote. I was just about to write the same thing about another cupcakery in Ann Arbor, Cake Nouveau and say the complete opposite about The Cupcake Station! TCS cupcakes are moist, flavorful, and heavily iced. The way a cupcake should be.
The Cupcake Station said…
I first would like to thank the Ladies from "Cupcakes Take The Cake" for taking the time to write about us. I'm not one to write a comment about a bad comment we recived, but the first one on here was a huge disappointment to read. They have it wrong. I truly think whom ever wrote it just has it out for us. If you can write a comment about someones buisness like they have. Then you can at least let them know who you are. Otherwise you have no ground to stand.
As for your comment about our Cupcakes "Lemon Lust" That is a Lemon Cake made with fresh Lemon Zest and we use real lemon juice in our frosting, all of our Cupcakes are made with fresh ingredients. Like the Banana Split, made with fresh Banana, Vanilla Cake with Imported Vanilla Bean. Also another thing anonymous has wrong is the pricing. Our Mini Cupcakes are $1.25. We are going to be raising our prices slitlty starting July 1. The money is not going in our pockets, it's to help Save The World, We are going green and that cost a bit more to do. also about Saving The World, we have come up with a new Tee Shirt "Cupcakes Save The World" that will be up on our Website next week. 25% of the proceeds will be going to UNICEF. also helping to give back.

If our Cupcakes are truly as bad as Anonymous stated, why did Hour Detroit Magazine nameed us one of the top six bakeries in Detoit in 06. Cupcake Fetish named us THE BEST CUPCAKE SHOP in the Country in 07. The Oakland Press Newspaper readers named us the Best in Oakland County and at the Taste of Ann Arbor we won the Tasters Chioce Award in 08. Thats just to name a couple. So Anonymous, in the words of Bobby Flay I challange you to a Cupcake Throw Down, bring it on Anonymous.
Kerry Johnson
Owner of the Cupcake Station
The Cupcake Station said…
Sorry about the couple miss spelled worded, I sent it before I reread it " Cupcake Fetish "
I think the Cupcake Station Bumpy Cake cupcake is to die for! If there's going to be a "Cupcake Throwdown", can I volunteer as a judge......?
Anonymous said…
I love the cupcake station. I am doing a sales speech on it for a program and was wondering if I could get any extra information (apart from what is already in the website. Thanks!