Cupcakes at a funeral

Very sad story about the funeral of Amber Bowerman. Our condolences go out to her family and loved ones.

"Standing room only for funeral of Calgary woman slain by landlord," The Globe and Mail

A plate of assorted cupcakes was sitting on a table at the front of the chapel.

“It was one of her recent obsessions and the name of her lawn bowling team,” revealed friend Leslie Hedley, who presided over the service.

“She was like a cupcake herself. Light and fluffy on the outside but more complex underneath.

“Even now she has taken a tah-dah pose as she continues her journey,” she said. “May all of us raise a cupcake in your honour.”

Ms. Bowerman was the first victim in a horrifying murder-suicide in Calgary last week. She was stabbed by her landlord, Joshua Lall, who then proceeded upstairs and killed his wife Alison and two young daughters before turning the knife on himself.

Only one-year-old Anna was spared. She will be raised by an extended family member.


Anonymous said…
To the writers of this blog: PLEASE do not post the gruesome details of anything on this website. I read this site as an escape from all of the horrific news and I was not prepared to read something so shocking and horrifying. At least post a link or an extended post, but do not post the text of a murder story on your website. Maybe a memorial with some kind of reference to cupcakes, but not specific details of a murder, for goodness sake. PLEASE. I am terribly upset and shocked by this. My condolences to the family, but I didn't need specifics in order to feel empathy or send my condolences.
Jessica said…
I agree with Anonymous, please don't show us such sad things!
Thanks so much for all the wonderful things you've been showing me for the past two months (since I discovered this blog) and for the magical cupcakes you've introduced me to.
All the best to you and to everyone touched by the loss of Amber and the Lall family.