"Jakarta's cupcakes craze"

Great article in The Jarkarta Post on "Jakarta's supcake craze," and they send people to us at the end!

Cupcakes have taken Jakarta by storm, and many people cannot get enough of their creamy goodness.

In other countries, such as the United States, Canada and Australia, cupcake madness has prompted people to be more creative than ever when it comes to making and presenting these cakey desserts (they even put together stacks and stacks of cupcakes to make one big cake).

Esti Feuermann, who creates and sells cupcakes in Jakarta through her CupCakes Frenzy outlet, said business was booming because many people found her offerings a great alternative to purchasing a whole cake.

"They are delicious, pretty and individually portioned. You won't have a lot of cake leftovers after a party or gathering since it's easy to transport cupcakes and everybody loves them," Esti said.

She created her first cupcakes for her daughter's second birthday party.

Esti's cupcakes turn up all over Jakarta for all kinds of special occasions. She handles everything from small individual orders to more challenging orders of more than 300 pieces with custom colors and words.