Poodle cupcakes...

or cupcake poodles? You decide.

From Flickr user Tri_Poodle

Cupcakes topped with poodles made from fondant. The girls have flowers on their doggie beds and the boys are sitting on "dog bone" doggie beds. Inspired by all my poodle and cupcake friends.


Anonymous said…
These are adorable!
I love your site, and I check it out every day pretty much.

And speaking of adorable cupcakes, I stumbled upon this blog entry-- you should totally put these cupcakes up on your site. They are too cute:


Your fellow cupcake-lover,
CupCakeGirl said…
I hope the dogs. They look real!
marye said…
Those are fantastic! LOL!
Anonymous said…
Very very cute! Though, I don't know about actually eating one of these pups. There's a fine line between artistic creation and edible treats.
great idea and very well done