Cupcake Camp

As opposed to Martha Stewart's "Camp Cupcake" - pretty much at the far other end - is this story about a kids' cooking camp.

Cupcake Class
photo by Andre Teague/Bristol Herald Courier

photo caption: Katie McDonald eats a cupcake Tuesday afternoon after learning about cake and icing preparation, decoration and omelette making during a Culinary Arts Kids Camp at the Southeast Culinary & Hospitality College in Bristol.

"Kids Sinking Teeth Into Kitchen Camp," Tricities

A unique summer camp is whipping up a recipe for fun for a group of lucky kids.

Southeast Culinary and Hospitality College has been hosting one of its Culinary Arts Kids Camp this week. Food safety and sanitation, as well as baking skills, are taught during the camp.

“You get the recipe out, read it, get your ingredients, mix them, pour them in the pan, and bake them,” said 10-year-old Katie McDonald while icing a cupcake.

She is one of 15 kids from Lee County, Va., selected to participate in the camp for ages 9 to 14. The three-day camp is filled with food lessons and activities in and out of the kitchen.

“They do hands-on activities that teach them about food safety, preparing foods, and handling foods properly,” said camp director Chef Richard Erskine...

“They’ve made pasta, cupcakes, omelets, and they’ll be learning how to make bread and pizza,” said Erskine.