Cupcakes and Cookies by T, El Paso, Texas

Manager of Cupcakes and Cookies by T
photo by Adriane Jaekcle for the El Paso Times - featuring manger Lydia Calderon and a Monkey Cupcake

"West Side shop capitalizes on cupcake cravings," El Paso Times - and here's their official site with more information.

Cupcakes and Cookies by T
7933 North Mesa Ave., Suite I
El Paso, Texas
CakesbyT at
Tuesday-Saturday 10 am - 5 pm

Toña Ligorio knows what a delectable dessert a little cupcake can be.

"You don't need a fork or plate. You can just grab them. And people get excited by them," said Ligorio, an entrepreneurial crafter of cupcakes. Ligorio is the owner of Cupcakes and Cookies by T at Celebrations, a specialty bake shop at 7933 N. Mesa, Suite 1.

As if to help Ligorio make her statement, a 30-something Westsider soon arrived and greeted Ligorio with two words: "pink lemonade" -- a popular cupcake flavor....

Ligorio's cupcake haven has been open successfully for more than a year, and another cupcake shop, Baby Cakes by Marcy, is scheduled to open in a few weeks on North Stanton.

Ligorio, who is appreciative of her manager, Lydia Calderon, who studied in a culinary school, is proud of the specialized cupcakes they create every morning.

And she'll let you in a little secret about the freshness of her little desserts.

"We don't ice until they're ready to be eaten," she said.

Great-looking impostors sit behind a glass case, teasing customers with their smooth buttercream frosting swirls and multicolored sprinkles. Some beckon customers with the guise of offering a healthful touch -- a radish or lettuce head made completely of frosting.

But the real deal, the spongy cupcakes in all sorts of mouthwatering flavors -- slamming chocolate, coconut, carrot and red velvet, to name a few -- are in the back, waiting to be topped just right. Cupcakes cost $2.40 each.


Anonymous said…
Cupcakes and Cookies by t look delicious , smell delicious ,and they are delicious .
Anonymous said…
I'll tell what, the flavors are awesome but the decorations are great! You can give a throwdown to Ace of Cakes.
Anonymous said…
Their professionalism is great!
Taste is good but the decorating is awesome!!!!!
The manager is always smiling that is a plus!!
Anonymous said…
I enjoyed the meeting with her and the pictures she showed me were great, but then the day of my sons birthday came. First off the women that walked in the door did not work with her but was another lady that does cakes in ther area. I thought this was strange. I loved the cake and asked if this was Tonia's cake and much to my surprise Tonia did not make the cake that she promised she was making me, this other women did! The cupcakes that Tonia made were suppose to have a rice paper design on them, by the time the cupcakes defrosted, yes thats right they came to me FROZEN, it was just a black smudge of color on the cupcake. You couldnt even tell what the design was. I loved the cake so much that i asked this other women for her cards and she has yet to have let me down. Her cakes are beautiful and oh my are they tasty. When i asked Tonia about this she explained to me the "cakes are not my strong point. I would prefer not to do them." This is after she told me she could do it for me.