Google VP Marissa Mayer on her favorite cupcakes

Review site Yelp interviews Google Vice President of Search Products & User Experience Marissa Mayer, who is a renowned cupcake fan, even reportedly creating spreadsheets detailing her favorite cupcakes and frostings (now that's cupcake dedication!). (via Valleyag) Mayer also flew Magnolia Bakery cupcakes across the country to San Francisco for her recent birthday party, and is an investor (I believe) in San Francisco bakery I Dream of Cake.

Connie C: Your cupcake and frosting spreadsheets have gained quite a bit of notoriety. When you're not baking your own, where do you go for cupcakes that are just as meticulously made as yours?

Marissa M: I Dream of Cake. My business partner Shinmin Li, while she usually focuses on wedding cakes and larger sculptured cakes, makes the best spice cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting you'll ever have. There's been one place I've been meaning to try on University Avenue called Satura Cakes. Satura just rolled out this new concept of "Cup-cakes." They're not necessarily even cakes, but they're creating these cup-sized desserts. I've seen them a couple of times and they look delicious.

Marissa, if you're reading this, we'd love to interview you about your cupcake obsession!