Lux Sugar interview from Artists and Fleas

I shot this interview with Brooklyn-based bakery Lux Sugar over a month ago, and finally got it onto YouTube. They're debuting some new summer flavors soon, so we'll update you about that. This interview took place at the wonderful Williamsburg, Brooklyn flea market Artists and Fleas. Also check out our previous interview with Lux Sugar.


Anonymous said…
Okay. I have a whole lot of issues with this entire set-up. I only want to hear from and see the baker(s) . . . . I could care less about the PR person, or the R&D/Strategy person. They add nothing to the presentation. Also . . . If you're going to sell me bling, and celebrity personality . . . whatever that is . . . and luxury . . . and . . . Then for crying out loud . . . let everything about your presentation scream luxury . . . The pictures you have on your website do not look attractive at all. The set-up looks cheap, shoddy, and totally unappetizing. My mouth does not water when I see those pictures. Some one should be fired for not doing their job . . . May be the PR person? Also . . . I hate worrying if I'll find fake or real hair in the food I buy or not . . . So in a presentation like this . . . Please keep hair neatly tied up and out of sight . . . and keep jewelry to a minimum.

Good food sells itself.
Anonymous said…
HAHAHA Are you serious? I have had their stuff at artist and fleas as well as brooklyn flea and I LUV their setup!! its so cute and colorful and they are really nice. So I would try their stuff before you slam them and critique because frankly you sound like a hater.
beauty am eye said…
WOW!...mucho drama up in here! I mean I guess any criticism is good can learn from it all....but I can't help but to wonder if anonymous number 1 is a competitor????....And in response to worrying about whether hair will be in your food...sweetie...that can happen anywhere...from Mickey D's to Ruth's Chris'...relax and have a cupcake!