Pips Jewellery Creation cupcake charms

I discovered Pips Jewellery Creation on Flickr - they make assorted pieces, including these adorable cupcake charms available on Etsy. Click images below to be taken directly to that product's page.

Lemon Sherbert, Vanilla, Chocolate, Blackberry and Strawberry cupcake charms

This listing is for 5 Cupcake Charms all hand made by me. There is one of each of yellow, white, pink, brown, and lilac icing on (frosting!) with a cherry on the top, and have some "Disco Hologram" glitter sprinkled over the icing which is all the colours of the spectrum when the light catches it, (which unfortunately, my camera didn't!)


Diameter: 1/2" approx

Height 1/2" approx

Hole Size: average headpin size

Have Fun!

If you would like a custom order for cupcake charms in colours of your choice, with or without the loops (findings) then please contact me and I will be happy to make to your requirements.

Lemon sherbert cherry cupcake charms

Strawberry cherry cupcake charms

Here's how she describes herself on Flickr:

My name is Pippa and I live in England in a tiny, beautiful village in the heart of Wiltshire. I have been using Polymer Clay to create things for as long as I can remember, at least since 1990!

I am a bit of a butterfly, and love trying new techniques in my beads . The one recurring theme that you will find however is leaves. I love incorporating them into the Jewellery in lots of different styles and colours. Every Art Bead that you will see in my Jewellery, is handmade by me. I do not use any glazes or or finishes on my beads. What you see is all due to hand sanding, and buffing!


Pips said…
Thank you so much for featuring my cupcake charms on your amazing blog.

My mouth waters every time I wander through all the different varieties and flavours!

I am honoured for my charms to be here amongst so many wonderful creations. Thank you again

Anonymous said…
So cute !!
Anonymous said…
These charms are really cute!
What a delight to come across your cupcake blog! Any true cupcake fan must have a polymer clay cupcake charm! I was happy to find you were showing some off!