Sprinkles Cupcakes to open in Washington, DC in 2009, and other news

Highlights from the transcript of Sprinkles Cupcakes co-owner Charles Nelson's chat with Washington Post readers:

Washington, D.C.: Your website says you plan on opening a store in DC which I highly anticipated, but now that there are 2 cupcakeries, plus other bakeries doing cupcakes, will you still open here?

Charles Nelson: Yes, definitely! We have so many local customers from DC and we are very excited to open there. We are looking right now in the upper Georgetown area. Our hope is to be open 2009. Thank you for your excitement about Sprinkles.

>Washington, D.C.: Any advice for an amatuer baker would like to open a cupcake business? What issues did you face not being a professional pastry chef?

Charles Nelson: The most important things about opening your own bakery is (1) to have a sound financial footing because it always costs more than you expect, (2) to have a great partner you can trust to share ideas with, and (3) to have the commitment and time required - we work 7 days a week to keep Sprinkles going. Candace, my wife, went to a professional pastry program in San Francisco. This has been a valuable asset to the growth and development of our business.

State University, Ark.: How do you go about developing new flavors? What do you believe has helped you set yourself apart from the growing number of cupcake shops across the country?

Charles Nelson: When it comes to flavor development, there are only so many flavors of cupcakes that make sense. The key for us has been to use the most premium ingredients and make the best tasting cupcake we can. There are many bakeries whose focus is not on creating the best tasting product, but on joining the cupcake "fad."

Williston, Vt.: How much money do you need to start your own cupcake busniess? How many cupcakes do you need to sell daily to be profitable?

Charles Nelson: Depending on location, you should probably be prepared to spend at least $250,000. In major metropolitan cities, you should be prepared for that figure to double. Profitably has everything to do with your cost structure (how many employees you have, rent, ingredient cost, etc.). You need to sell at least a few hundred a day just to break even.


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