Vanilla Moon Bakery, San Carlos, California

From this Daily Journal article, we found out about Vanilla Moon Bakery (site TK) located at 872 Laurel Street, San Carlos, California:

Interesting, Christi Perego originally thought she’d open a wine bar. Earlier this month, however, she opened the doors of Vanilla Moon Bakery — a cupcakery with coffee.

The San Carlos native was working as a pastry chef when she made cupcakes and gave friends the leftovers. Orders began rolling in shortly after creating a situation where Perego was catering the orders out of her kitchen. So she decided to make it a bit bigger.

Laurel happened to offer an affordable location for Perego to make that happen. The little shop currently specializes in a variety of cupcakes. There will be a staple menu of treats with seasonal snacks making appearances as well. Perego plans to expand to include various pastries and, one day, sandwiches. They will also deliver cupcakes and milk for birthdays.

“I hope we have a different and changing menu so people want to come back as often,” she said.

Photos via Yelp: (and here are Yelp user reviews)

photo by David P.

orange cardamom cupcake by Lolia S.

photo by Lolia S.

photo by Louis G.


Jamie Watson said…
Yum! What a fun blog! My friend Jess and I live near the Vanilla Moon Bakery and have a pact to taste a new cupcake there once a week! (-:
Anonymous said…
I went today for the first time. The cupcake I had (red velvet) was pretty good, however, way to small for the $3.50 price.Not worth it at all.
Highly unlikely I'll go back unless someone else is buying.