A big cupcake Happy Birthday to Cakespy's Jessie Oleson!

photo by Flickr user Rakka of Jessie Oleson at her birthday party at Cupcake Royale, with their new flavor, Royale with cheese (see more here

We're a day late, but no less sincere in wishing head Cakespy Jessie Oleson a very, very Happy Birthday! We can't wait to hear all about Cupcake Royale's special Cakespy-inspired flavor and her birthday party held at the bakery. See more of her art and photos on Flickr.

Here's a sample of the cupcake art we love:

And do be sure to check out her latest post about ice cream cone cupcakes (including recipe!)

See also:

Video interview with Jessie Oleson

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gwendomama said…
have you seen these teeny tiny ice dream cones? SO ADORABLE!

Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Cakespy!! You have a great site!
Bakerella said…
Happy Birthday Jessie!
Cakespy said…
It was absolutely the best birthday ever--the only thing that could have made it better would have been if all of you had been there too!!! :-) But I know you were there in spirit!