Google Girl Geek Dinner cupcakes in London

from Flickr user Annie Mole - we know noted cupcake fan and Non Society founder Julia Allison ate two of them. Wonder who made them? If you know, clue us in.

Apparently, the tops of them, at least, were delicious:


Nicole Mathison said…
Hey there, it's Nicole from the Girl Geek Dinners - Annie's pics were awesome.

I've discussed The Cupcake Question with Sarah, and while Google London was wonderful enough to sponsor the cupcakes and food for the 3rd Birthday we're pretty sure the cupcakes were made by the same company we used last year, Lola's Kitchen.

Either way, whoever made them, the icing was indeed scrumptious enough to warrant someone cherry-picking it only...
Charles said…
I always love when I make cupcakes and only the top is eaten. That's where most of the work goes into anyway! :)

I really like the Girl Geek design by the way!