Cupcake face mask!

You know how sometimes you think you've seen everything, especially when, say, it's about cupcakes? And then you discover something like Lush's cupcake face mask and are just blown away? That's me, right now.

Over at the blog, Lush Life: Honest Reviews by a Modest Couple, there's a review of the face mask, which I'll quote in part:

The official Lush website has this product listed in the Biofresh section, which means that it is too fresh to be mailed and must be purchased at a Lush retail location and refrigerated. The website says the product contains “mint, Rhassoul Mud and absorbent cocoa powder to treat spots, black heads, open pores and oil happy skin in a delicious chocolate mask.”

Ingredients: Rhassoul Mud, Linseed Infusion, glycerin, talc, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, fresh mint, sandalwood oil, vanilla absolute, spearmint oil, peppermint oil (mentha piperita), Limonene Perfume.

And the review:

. It was tough not to smile, but I endured the ridicule with a stony face and tried desperately not to smile for fear I’d mess up the mask’s mojo. Anyway, after washing it off, I immediately noticed a difference. My skin felt tight and stretchy, which at first I thought might have just been because it had felt so coarse and brittle from the mask (felt a little like I imagine botox would), but after I put on some moisturizer I could definitely tell something had changed. My skin felt smooth and clean and… bouncy. It’s hard to describe, really. You know how your skin hurts a little sometimes when you stretch it out for a big bight of a sandwich or a huge toothy smile? After using the mask I felt like I could fit a whole horse in my mouth without much trouble. My skin was incredibly elasticy and flexible. I was surprised to find, upon doing some research, that this was more or less the intended effect. Rhassoul Mud, which makes up the base for this mask, comes from Morocco and apart from being anti-microbial, deep cleansing and full of healthy minerals like Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium (properties belonging to most types of volcanic mud) it is known to reduce aging lines and wrinkles by making the skin more elastic and pliable. So I guess there was a little truth to my original claim. The mask also has peppermint and spearmint oils, which help sooth the skin and cleanse pores.

Another huge benefit is that the mask left my face smelling like rich, chocolaty cupcakes. It’s remarkable to me that the people at Lush can make mud seem so appetizing.

See Google for other reviews. I must admit, I use Philosophy's Vanilla Birthday Cake body wash, but I'm not sure if I'd want to smell like chocolate cupcakes all day. Eat them? For sure. What do you think?


Nichelle said…
I love Lush's Cupcake mask. BTW, go to Lush on Thursdays in NYC since that is when they put out the fresh masks.
Jamieanne said…
I too am totally in love with Lush's Cupcake mask, it is definitely my favorite mask and smells completely edible. It also does wonders for my skin! :)
Sally said…
Hi friend! This is Sally, from A Lush Life: Honest Reviews from a Modest Couple.

Thanks for mentioning (and kindly quoting/citing) us in your blog!! We recieved more hits than ever before-- a welcome surprise as new bloggers. As a thank you, we'll link your blog in our cupcake review!

Thanks again!
Allie said…
The Cupcake mask is my all time favorite Lush product - and I *really* love Lush. Almost as much as I love cupcakes!

I love the lingering smell of chocolate, great to crawl into bed and wake up to that light scent still wafting through the sheets.

here's a confession: I love to put this mask on my neck, chest, and well - the "girls". Seriously soft skin, gentle enough for that sensitive spot too!

So glad you included this product!
stacey said…
i like this product a lot as well.
i would not classify it as a cupcake smell though- more like a girl scout cookie thin mint. perfect description for how your skin feels afterwards.
C.L. said…
AAAGGGHHHHH! Not fair! I want a Lush near me now! I would SO love to smell like chocolate and feel and look that great! I actually use flavor drops for perfume to smell like caramel, or cookies and cream, orange dreamsicle...whatever my mood hits..I just like smelling like my job and passion...yummy sweets.
jothemama said…
Ah, this sounds like a remake of their chocolate face mask. I'm due a trip for some new deodorant, will have to ge this too! I didn't know it was in the states! cool.
Peg said…
This is a really great face mask (though not the one I usually use). Lush's products are delightfully fragrant--like desserts and sweet flowers and savory herbs.