Cupcakes and celebrities I've never heard of before

True confession time - I really don't watch TV. Some Ugly Betty, a little Entourage, Weeds, and, well, that's about it. I've rented some My Name is Earl and liked it. it's not that I hate TV, I just don't have reception and instead spend time reading and going online.

That means that despite the many gossip blogs I read and my People magazine subscription, there are a ton of modern celebrities whose names mean nothing to me. Last week, my friends laughed at me when I confessed that I didn't really know who Clay Aiken was.

Anyway, this post features two celebrities.

Phoebe Price I had never heard of until I ran across this photo of her birthday cupcake at Dlisted:

Phoebe Price cupcake

This photo of Andrea Bowen of Desperate Housewives was featured on Just Jared. It features her with a Crumbs' cosmpolitan cupcake. Again, no idea (though I have seen one episode of Desperate Housewives, so I'm not 100% clueless, just, maybe, 98%).

Andrea Bowen with Crumbs cosmopolitan cupcake

So this brings me to a question...what celebrity would you like to see celebrate with cupcakes? Who should have their own custom cupcake, and what would the flavor(s) be?


Lori said…
TEE HEE, John Travolta, and Italian cream cupcake! Lori
Abuela said…
~Josh Groban
~Mocha cupcake
~Milk chocolate icing piped really SWIRLY-like to resemble his (ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE)hair.

Shalum said…
Rachael Ray!:)
jothemama said…
Dwayne Johnston - a Rockcake! Chocolate cake with a mocha mascarpone cream topping and ... something molten in the middle.

Oh god...
WAIH said…
Johnny Depp . . . his flavor is obviously Hunk ^_^
Anonymous said…
i second the johnny depp cupcake!