More Cupcakes opened today in Chicago

More Cupcakes Bacon Brown Sugar Maple and Passion Fruit Meringue photo by Flickr user berklieblog (and the blog Berklie - all other photos courtesy More Cupcakes

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More Cupcakes opened today in Chicago and already has locals buzzing. They did a big PR blitz too. More details coming soon.

The blog Chicago Bites covered the opening, and has a Flickr set here. They wrote largely about More's setting, packaging and future prospects, but here's what they said about the taste:

I'm impressed with what I tasted at More. The thought and attention to detail that has been put into this venture may just be enough to put More ahead of the pack.

With 50 different savory and sweet varieties slated to rotate through the store, including seasonal specials, there's a cupcake for everyone.

from More Cupcakes in Chicago

Christopher Borelli at The Chicago Tribune blog The Stew wrote:

But the BLT (right) was available, and holy ranch dressing, we really liked it, a tiny mountain of a dish -- an almost biscuit-like base sprinkled with real bacon chunks, capped by a saucer of ranch dressing and four tiny slices of red and yellow tomato. "That's interesting," we said. And "That's lunch," we said. And "It's not that different from a sandwich," we said.

Next up, the bacon-brown sugar maple cupcake -- which tastes like pancakes, rather dry pancakes, and the bacon (nestled on top, and spread throughout) has the rough consistency of beef jerky. But it is compelling. The signature cupcake is simply the More, and identical to a Hostess Cupcake (chocolate, marshmallow-filled) but the chocolate is richer and the base moist without being airy. (More marshmallow, please. But otherwise it works.) Lastly, the salted caramel -- which elicited gasps as we cut into it. It appears staid, then the standard-looking base breaks apart in a flood of light brown caramel lava that's salty without being harsh. "Wow," we said. "Really, really rich," we said. "Worth it," we said. What we meant was, at $3.50 to $4.25 a cupcake, they make a pretty satisfying snack.

from More Cupcakes in Chicago

From More Cupcakes' press materials:

"We wanted to create a business that was upbeat and fun, and what could be more fun than cupcakes?" says Rothman. "Not only are they delicious, but they are also small enough to fit in one hand, so we can all indulge in cupcakes and not feel so guilty."

"In regards to developing savory recipes, I've worked to put my thoughts into an entirely different perspective," says Maturatai. "My creative approach is to look at everyday items and apply them to the cupcakes I create."

Showcasing this creative way of baking, Maturatai found himself dining at fine restaurants, looking at diverse ingredients for inspiration. MORE's Caramelized Onion cupcake, which features an olive oil buttermilk cake, topped with caramelized onion frosting and candied pine nuts, is evidence this practice works.

"Cupcakes appeal to everyone," continues Rothman. "They're small, precious, artful. You hold one in your hand and know that it can be yours alone, a guilty pleasure. We learn this early, as children. Even as adults, we all still have that soft spot for cupcakes, a tiny, magical, decadent splurge that's all our own."

from More Cupcakes in Chicago


The Serrano Boy said…
wow. cupcakes!!! i really love cupcakes.
The ones with the slices of tomato on the top looks interesting. I want to see what they do with a flan cupcake. :D
Kelly said…
ahhhh, i'm totally going tomorrow. so exciting!!!
Oh My! Another one of these jaw dropping stomach hunger craving pages! Whether its the pics or the wording that was put together oh so well just to explain the juicyness of the food, It Sounded Gooood To Me :) and with that in mind I think we should all have a moment of silence and really think when we can take a trip down the best place to eat in your town or at a vacation getaway!
Well, let me know what you guys think because I am surely ready to enjoy a national tour of foods:)!
penny said…
Just had a chocolate hazelnut cupcake at Taste on Friday. It was wonderful...moist cake with Nutella filling and delicious frosting. I'll be back