Sprinkles Cupcakes opens today in Palo Alto, California

photo via Buzzing

Sprinkles Cupcakes opens today in Palo Alto, California at 393 Stanford Shopping Center. Click here for a map.

According to FoodGal:

The bakery’s boxes, plates, napkins, and shopping bags are made from recycled materials. Any unsold cupcakes left over at the end of the day at the Palo Alto bakery will be donated to InnVision, Silicon Valley’s largest provider of housing and services to the homeless.


Yelp already has 18 reviews, one from Katy A., who actually tried the cupcakes and posted a review yesterday:

I was lucky enough to walk past Sprinkles yesterday while they were hosting a "private event" which turned out to be a training session that involved giving away FREE CUPCAKES!

Being somewhat skeptical of non-regional chains, and being a die-hard fan of Kara's, which has recently opened a location just down the street, I wasn't expecting to be wow'd but I will say I was pleasantly surprised by the cupcakes at Sprinkles, and enjoyed my trip to the shop which is very cute (aesthetically quite similar to Kara's).

Taste-wise the cupcakes were all very fresh and for the most part yummy. The quality of the flavors wasn't as singular as at Kara's, especially in the frosting. But the cake itself had a great texture and nice rich flavor, especially the red-velvet.

Vanilla: great cake, frosting was very sugary but not a strong vanilla flavor like you find at Kara's.

Dark Chocolate: my favorite, but mainly because it tasted just like a cake my mom used to make. Nice and chocolate-y but almost overwhelmingly sweet.

Red Velvet: awesome cake, didn't like the cream-cheese frosting as much as Kara's

Lemon: actually this one was kinda gross. The cake tasted like something from Starbucks, i.e. full of citrus chemicals. I didn't like this one at all.

In other Sprinkles news, from October 1st-7th, they will donate proceeds from their strawberry cupcakes, pictured below, to the Entertainment Industry Foundation's Women's Cancer Research Fund.

Sprinkles' strawberry cupcakes

A rumor floated through our inbox recently via Google news alert about a now shut-down Chowhound thread that said Sprinkles might be opening up shop in NYC. If anyone knows more about that, let us know. (We have an email in to Sprinkles.)


I got WAAAAY too excited when I saw this on Chowhound - however after replying and asking for further details I checked the Sprinkles site and unfortunately I think the original poster just looked at the "coming soon" section. I flipped a few months ago when I saw "London" in there and emailed them and they emailed me back and said "soon"..still waiting!
I hope the NY one opens before I come there in March for my mammoth cupcake tour!
Carolyn Jung said…
So Kara's is possibly better than Sprinkles? I have tried Sprinkles. I have not yet had the pleasure of trying Kara's, though. Now, I am doubly looking forward to having that first bite.
Pinky said…
My boss got an invite to the preopening test day. He couldn't make it, and I was so tempted to ask for the invite and run! Oh well, eventually I'll have to venture over to that part of the bay and see what the fuss is all about
Anonymous said…
Am a huge fan of sprinkles cupcakes and i remember when i was in California i used to have a cupcake at least once a week.. I wanted to suggest that it would be a good idea for them to franchise their market outside the U.S and please if they do starting in Dubai :D