The awesomeness of bakery air

1000 Awesome Things posted #909 on Bakery Air, which I think we can all relate to:

Now, is it just me, or do you ever feel sorry for the people working in the bakery? You know, because they might just get used to the smell and stop enjoying those hot bakery whiffs all the time? I really hope it’s not like that. I really hope working in a bakery never turns into a regular job full of early mornings, oven-scorched eyebrows, varicose veins, and floury underwear. No, bakery air is just too good for that. It can’t become another day at the office, it just can’t. So let’s just make sure we all enjoy it.


Stephany Benbow said…
Only a few things still catch my noses attention at work. Lemons being zested, banana bread coming out of the oven, and sugar getting caramelized all still smell amazing. But the rest really has lost it's vigor. It is a bit sad. But when I come back after holiday it all smell new again!
It's not flour in the underwear, it's the cuffs of your jeans and your glasses you have to worry about. And the tops of your shoes. All of my shoes have a thick layer of bakery matter.
Lori said…
Ha, ha! New to your blog and had to comment on this one. I worked in a bakery for several years and I got so tired of the smell. I'd come home and have to immediately throw my clothes in the wash. :)

We always had people coming in and saying they wish they could put the smell in a jar and take it home. I'm back to liking it again, but it took a while. :)
Unknown said…
I agree with pinky! I can still smell the zesting of lemons. I also love the smell of the berries bubbling away on the top of the vanilla berry rose cakes I make. Oh...and actually the chocolate cupcakes smell good too when in the oven baking. hmmm actually I had the flu the other week and overcooked all the cakes! This is because I couldnt smell them cooking. So my experience is that I CAN still smell the air, even though I am in it all the time...mmmmmmm!