Monday, October 20, 2008

Cupcakes in Dubai: Sprinklez and The House of Cakes

A reader alerted us to Sprinklez in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and a search online reveals The House of Cake, also in Dubai, which offers a wide variety of cupcakes. They're on Flickr as well (where all these photos are from).

Update: Thank you to the commenters who were so quick to point out the unauthorized use of photos. We're going to be posting a "10 Tips for Bakeries" post soon, but this is a common sense reminder: Don't post photos that don't belong to you, unless they're properly attributed! Especially if you're a bakery; why someone would want to post a product that is not what they sell is beyond me. We do not endorse unauthorized use of photos in any way, and hope that ALL bakeries contributing to such practices use photos of their own work.

There is so much opportunity for community building and spreading the word about your products via the Internet. Please keep this in mind when creating and updating your websites. I'm removing the photos that were originally here; you can see their photos for yourselves in the links above.

Please also see this discussion on Flickr started by London's Crumbs and Doilies about what to do about unauthorized use of photos.

Feel free to share your comments in that thread or this post.


Hilary said...

I wonder how long it's going to take Sprinkles to jump on this one, nevermind the fact they are nowhere near them.

Danielle said...

I like the wrappers for the cakes...

wiredwhisk said...

I own a bakery in Florida. I was looking on the house of Cakes Site a few weeks ago and they totally have ripped off a TON of American bakeries designs....For example The Pink Cake Box. look on and then on house of cakes site and you will see that HOC even went as far to remove the PCB watermark and put their own watermark over PCB's photo.....several times...on several different designs. PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT THESE PEOPLE. I wrote PCB to tell them what I found. They were aware of it and HOC will not comply with their requests to remove their pics from their site. It is such a shame.

Anonymous said...

Wow wiredwhisk, you are totally right!! They copied and pasted pictures from the Pink Cake Box website! That's crazy!

Irena said...

I don't see anything crazy in using other people ideas. Especially when these people are not your direct competitors.
We have done all this cakes - in many cases even better than their original version - not always had the chance to make a good picture though - anyhow soon all non our pictures will be changes with ours.
I would personally wouldn't mind if anyone would like to use our designs - I think it is flattering not abusing.
Irena - owner of The House of Cakes Dubai

Anonymous said...

To Irene (HOC)- you don't see anything wrong with it because you have no conscience! Anybody in their right mind knows theft/plagerism/forgery is immoral.
Removing the photos "soon" is not acceptable. REMOVE THEM NOW!! You have no right to use other peoples work to create business for yourself. What a shame you are on all of us!

Anonymous said...

To Irena (HOC), Copying a design and making it yourself is totally different to using someone elses photo on your website, regardless of whether you are competition or not. Using photos which are not your own is theft, you do not own the rights to that photograph therefore do not have the right to publish it. You have never stated on your website that some of the photographs are not your own, this would lead your customer to think they would be getting an exact replica of a cake which I must question you would have the talent to actually reproduce. I only say this as you have used other peoples photos so can only assume you are delibrately misleading your customers of your talents to get the orders. You were asked politely by a numer of cakemakers from around the world (UK, new Zealand to name a few), and not only did you refuse, but you did so in a very rude and ignorant manner.

Using other's ideas isn't the problem, using other's photos without permission and passing them as your own is a problem. Being busy is no excuse !!!!!!!

Irena said...

And there are no more else's photos on my website but the cakes look pretty amazing, aren't they:))))