Sunday, October 12, 2008

Inside a cupcake lawsuit, Sprinkles Cupcakes, Inc. vs. Halpenny et al. [aka SprinkleSprinkle]

For those who want to read more about a legal case, Sprinkles Cupcakes, Inc. vs. Halpenny et al., you can read it here.

This was against the company formerly known as SprinkleSprinkle, now known as AliBethCakes.

According to Sprinkles, they have been "using the trademark SPRINKLES in connection with bakery goods since at least as early as February 1, 2004 and with retail shops featuring baked goods since as early as April 12, 2005."

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Anonymous said...

good grief

Chelsea said...

It's really annoying that someone is trying to copyright a word that has been around for AGES upon AGES. When we were growing up, everything brightly colored that went on cakes/cupcakes, etc, was called a sprinkle. Sprinkles on everything, sometimes.

Because someone has capitalized on the cuteness of the word and the nostalgia it brings, shouldn't mean they should ALSO be allowed to restrict {or in this case, sue} someone else from using the same word. Are they going to sue Meriam-Webster next for having 'sprinkles' in the dictionary and not reference to their bakery? It's quite ridiculous and such bad business for them to keep suing and dashing other people's dreams.

SailorAshley said...

No seriously, I can't believe what a bully they are being about smaller cupcake businesses. I almost wish people would pay more attention to this and boycott Sprinkles until they let up and chill out.

Anonymous said...

Is Sprinkles cupcakes going to sue every cupcake shop they get wind of?
Isn't it enough that celebrities endorse their specific business for free?

Jess said...

They should be ASHAMED of themselves!!!!! They did not discover or invent the cupcake AND they were not the first to use the term "sprinkles". I read the legal brief, and they are RIDICULOUS!!! They want Sprinklesprinkle to destroy all their boxes, merchandise, etc. and give them their website, and on top of all that, they want all the profits from the time that they did business as Sprinklesprinkle. Sprinkles started out as a small business, and now they are attempting to have a monopoly on the cupcake market. Sprinkles cupcakes are ridiculously overpriced, and terribly dry (at least the two I tried). I visited their store in Dallas once, and WILL NOT return, and this legal matter solidifies that!!!

Anonymous said...

Sprinkles has a lot of money to sue. They sued this new bakery, and are concurrently suing Famous Cupcakes and Sprinkled Pink. Their cupcakes are average - what are they trying to protect?

Mary De Bastos said...

i think they are doing more harm than there some kind of group or organization against all this? I'd like t get involved. I mean, I like Cupcakes! Sue me for not eating Sprinkles Cupcakes!

CelMar said...

i will never go by sprinkles ever again. ridiculous doesn't even begin to describe this. I know their website states that they are planning to open in new york. so if they are going to sue for anything, it should be for use of the name. but to ask for all profits during the time the name was used is just downright petty. and whats more is that they know what it's like to be a struggling business trying to get off of the ground. i guess you can take the baker out of investment banking, but you can't take the investment banker out of the baker!

Anonymous said...

Sprinkle Sprinkle Cakes and Confections
488 Bergen St
Brooklyn, NY 11217


All their info is gone from the web except their physical address and phone. I was about to buy Sprinkles, but they have really left a bad taste in my mouth.YUCK! Boycott Sprinkles and get your delivery from a tried and true bakery. Sprinkle Sprinkle.

Stacey said...

they are being such bullies.

Anonymous said...

I am thumbing through my Wilton 1996 Cake Decorating Yearbook and on page 124 (in the cupcake section) you will see Wilton Sprinkles! I'm almost wishing the a REAL company like Wilton Industries, Inc. (company dating back to 1929) would take the arrogant Sprinkles to court, just for a wee spanking!

Ambition is one thing, professionally spoiled bratty behavior is quite another!

jsl49 said...

The problem is that most small companies can not afford to defend themselves so they submit to the bullying. You and I grew up with the word "sprinkles" and this brings up fond memories. The owner of sprinkles bases her reciepes on her European roots and has no idea of what sprinkles means to us. I would definitely boycott this brand as well as William Sonoma which caries their products! Shame on the California attorneys who promoted these lawsuits.