New Meetup Group in NYC: Cupcakes + Crafts

A very cool new Meetup group was just formed in NYC by Corris called Cupcakes + Crafts, about, yes, you guessed it, cupcakes and crafts.

There are already 3 meetups scheduled:

November 1st (that's this Saturday!) is a Meet and Greet at Crumbs on 8th Street, and here's what Corris says:

Hi cupcake lovers!

I'm so glad you joined this new meetup - Crazy for Cupcakes + Crafts! I love eating cupcakes and I also enjoying crafting, so I decided to marry the two activities for an enjoyable meetup filled with fun, creativity and deliciousness!

At our very first meetup, we'll gather at a cupcake bakery to nosh on some tasty cupcakes, we'll introduce ourselves and get to know each other, and I'll show you some cupcake-themed craft projects that we'll make in upcoming classes. I'll be seated in the rear of the bakery holding seats for y'all. Please arrive on time, we don't want you to lose a seat. biggrin

This gathering is free! Please support this business by purchasing a cupcake or another sweet treat. $3 for a classic cupcake or $3.75 for a gourmet cupcake.

Don't be shy! If you are, please feel free to bring a pal with you. I love to meet new people, especially those who are crafty and crazy about cupcakes.

As a special treat: there will be door prizes for everyone that attends this first Meetup!

GETTING THERE: Visit for door-to-door subway directions.

PLEASE NOTE: This event will start at 11 a.m. and end promptly at 12:30 p.m. Please be considerate and arrive on time, so you can enjoy the full Meetup.

Thanks a bunch! See ya soon,
Organizer, Crazy for Cupcakes + Crafts!

The others are:

December 14 - Make Your Own Cupcake Gift Bags and Greeting Cards!

January 3 - Learn how to create a scrapbook! Preserve your cupcake memories!

Join Cupcakes & Crafts here (and, of course, our NYC Cupcakes Take the Cake Meetup). Cupcakes + Crafts isn't affiliated with us but we think it's awesome. I personally will be stuffing my face with cupcakes in San Francisco this weekend but plan to make the December event.

Speaking of crafts, here are a few cute cupcake projects/products we've noticed:

2009 pocket cupcake calendar from tabidesigns on Etsy (also see her blog)

And these plush cupcakes are made by Tim of Fantastic Toys, via Craftzine (go there for a downloadable PDF on how to make them!)

Plush cupcakes

And there are thousands of cupcake products listed on Etsy - check 'em out!


Corris Little said…
Wow! Someone just told me I was mentioned here. That's so awesome! I'm really honored to be on such a lovely and delicious blog. Thank you so very much, Corris
Anonymous said…
How cool is this???? Just want everyone to know that Corris is a friend of mine and I craft with her all the time. I'm sure you will love her new meetup. Doesn't it sound like fun -- cupcakes and crafting -- a perfect combo!
aka The Mixed Media Maven
CocoaZilla said…
I can't think of a better combo than cupcakes and crafts!
Pat aka Princess of Paper said…
Cupcakes and Crafts--too cool! Corris is a wonderful crafter who will open your eyes to your own crafting abilities. This is a yummy combo, and just a small indication of Corris'infectious creativity.