No on Prop 8 cupcakes

We try to keep this blog as apolitical as possible (except to agree that we are pro cupcakes), but all three of us think that everyone should have the right to celebrate with wedding cupcakes if they choose to, including same sex couples. Hence we're big fans of these No on Prop 8 cupcakes. The photo is by Mark Trammell via Flickr. (I'm waiting on an answer as to where these are being sold.) Find out more about the No on Prop 8 campaign here.


Anonymous said…
awwwww!!!! reason #10000000 to keep backing back to this site! luv you guys!

and of course...

Troubles said…
I mean really, on a cupcake blog! It's all fine and dandy until they teach your children in the 2nd grade about same sex marriage and that it's ok, regardless of the parents beliefs or morals. Parents don't have an option for their kids to opt out of these lessons like sex education. Leave the sexual orientation lessons to the parents and out of the cupcake blogs, would ya!?!
Troubles said…
You live in New York, how about legal same-sex marriage there?! Please leave politics out of cupcakes for crying out loud!!
Great! Food with a purpose!
Kate Black said…
Love it!

They're much more succinct than the "No Homophobic Bigoted Save-The-Children Evangelical Bullshit" cupcakes I was baking today.
Sean said…
I'm pretty sure cupcakes are covered in the first amendment. Go you!
Anonymous said…

California doesn't teach marriage in schools. Just saying. Rather, the California state superintendant of schools says so. It ain't in the program.

Also, if you don't like the subject matter, don't read the blog.

LOVE the cupcakes! If I knew where they were being sold and it was in my area, I'd be going out to buy some RIGHT NOW.
Anonymous said…
Just admit that this site IS, at times, political. Big deal! There's nothing more insulting than someone saying one thing, and then doing another. It's your blog, do and say what you wish.

Some are perfectly comfortable with homosexual behavior, while others are not. Big whoop. How sexuality became such a focused topic is still something I don't get. Is validation really needed by the entire society?

Regardless, just say and do what you wish so you don't have to lie to your readers. Hypocrisy: now that's the real shame in it all!
Troubles said…
I stand corrected. I had to do some research and found this article in a SF newspaper regarding a ruling on this very subject. It's here: This just happened August 8th. I should have checked my facts first. As for not reading this blog you are absolutely right.

Kate Black,
Everything that just spewed out of your mouth is heterophobic and bigoted, not to mention bullshit. Evangelical? You definitely don't know me. No where did I say I was against Prop 8 or for Prop 8. I could give a rat's ass who you or anyone else chooses to spend the rest of your life with! All I was saying is that it should be a parents right to decide what their kids learn. I guess others believe the same...See above. I also stated that I didn't expect to see this kind of political stuff on a cupcake blog. How about a Yes on Prop 8 cupcake on here too. What kind of response would we get from you then? Maybe not so open-minded when it doesn't jive with what you believe in. Then, you too have the right to not read this blog.
Anonymous said…
Um, same-sex marriage is ok. More than ok. It's about civil rights.

A kid will be gay (or not) regardless of what he or she's taught in school, or what the parent thinks is "ok."

Also, how would a kid even KNOW what "Prop 8" on a cupcake MEANS? Kids aren't exactly reading the Wall Street Journal and following politics.

And blog owners have the right to write about whatever they want.

Also: those cupcakes look YUMMO!
Anonymous said…
Love the cupcakes!! and to "troubles" as a second grade teacher in CA I can assure you I DO NOT teach children about same-sex marriage, I am way too busy preparing them for our rigorous state standardized tests- so don't worry your child won't learn about same-sex marriage but they sure will learn how to fill in bubbles correctly- congratulations!
Me said…
Hi Rachel,

I think the No on 8 cupcakes came from Baked on Vermont in Potrero Hill. It's a new place.

Me said…
Doh. Baked is on 18th Street, near Vermont....interesting comments on this post. Moving right along.
Anonymous said…
I just want to say YAY! and THANK YOU! from a Californian who feels punched in the stomach whenever I see a YES ON 8 sign.

I am madly in love with a woman and happier than I've ever been in my life and it hurts deeply to know that so many would deny me the right to marry my true love.

I do not understand why my (blissful) love-life is anyone elses business. How does my happiness hurt you or affect your life in any way?

Anyway, thanks again gals,

Here's hoping....
Carol Marley said…
You ROCK!!!! Thanks so much for being cupcake crusaders ;>)
taylor said…
yummy cupcakes.

they dont teach anything about marraige in schools in california.

i live in las vegas but i have many friends in cali.
so the supposed 'facts' about prop 8 arent facts. they are pointless reasons to legally discriminate because they feel like it.

im 15 and proud to be gay. :)