Pumpkin cupcakes in Austin

Delicious spiced pumpkin cupcake riddled with rich chocolate chips and topped with cream cheese frosting from Sugar Mama's Bakeshop, photo by Flickr user NoNoJoe

The Austin-American Statesman has a roundup of pumpkin foods available in Austin, including, of course, cupcakes:

Polkadots Cupcake Factory (2826 Rio Grande St., Suite B. 476-3687) offers a pumpkin spice cake, but it's available only by special order. Their moist pumpkin cupcake topped with a light and sweet icing, on the other hand, is available every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

The pumpkin cupcakes at Sugar Mama's Bakeshop (1905 S. First St., Suite A. 448-3727) are even more loaded with its chocolate chips and rich cream cheese icing. They're available every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.


Devrah said…
I had one of these last weekend at Sugar mama's and they were DELISH!!