Strawberry angel food cupcake soap

A friend sent me a link to this strawberry angel food cupcake soap, available at Luxe Boutique - it sure looks yummy! (but sadly is temporarily out of stock)

Strawberry angel food cupcake soap

from Luxe Boutique:

Margarita Bloom strawberry Angel food cupcake soap, specially formulated for cupcake lovers without the calories. Soap is the size of an actual cupcake and comes topped with swirled pink frosting and sprinkles. We just love the edible smell and pink and green packaging. Perfect for gift baskets, goodie bags or guest bathrooms.

* Size 4.5 oz soap.
* Directions: Lather between hands to smell yummy delicious!


Andrea said…
i've seen some cupcake soaps on etsy lately:

always fun to look at, even if you're happy with your soap choices at home. :-)