More Twilight cupcakes

To add to the Twilight cupcakes, here are some more from from Salt Lake City's The Sweet Tooth Fairy via Flickr. What I love is that these cupcakes turn things like werewolves and vampires into something utterly cute! (or maybe I'm the only one who thinks they're not already "cute") I truly wasn't planning to see Twilight but the Twilight cupcake fever may have changed my mind.

More Twilight Cupcakes - Bella is my Homegirl

More Twilight Cupcakes - Team Werewolf

More Twilight Cupcakes - Team Vampire


Satria Sudeki said…
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Caroline said…
Ohh, that was the cutest thing ever:D Such a good idea! I'm definately with Team Vampire, and Bella really is my homegirl;P
Have a good night! Peace.