National Cupcake Day colorful cupcakes

cupcakes for National Cupcake Day

Our reader Tracy Urquhart sent us the above photo of the cupcakes she made for National Cupcake Day (yesterday) with this note:

My friends and I celebrated by making these cupcakes and bringing them to work for our coworkers - red velvet, vanilla and chocolate cake. After over a dozen eggs, 4 bags of confectionary sugar and countless bags of sprinkles and candies we ended up with 182 cupcakes. (we sampled about 15 in the process)

Here is a pic of the final products. They are messy but delicious!


Anonymous said…
they are beeeeautiful!
Anonymous said…
I wish Tracy worked in my office. Her officemates most be very lucky.
Anonymous said…
They are GORGEOUS. I am salivating looking at them! Congratulations! xo

Michele said…
wow amazing cakes!