Penguin cupcake roundup

We just posted some penguin cupcakes, but there are more! I don't know quite why they're so adorable, but they are, don't you think? And yes, some of these we've posted before, but I couldn't resist joining them all together.

from Two Parts Sugar via Flickr

Flickr user CDaisyM has a Penguin Cupcake Army photo set! You have to check it out, here are two of them, a before and after.

xmas penguin
A Christmas penguin from Flickr user weennee

from Flickr user Paul-w - I can't quite tell that this is a cupcake, but it's cute nonetheless!

Penguins Playing in a Cup Cake
from Flickr user suyinhuen

Witchy Penguin
Witch penguin cupcake cake (!!) from Flickr user intheroad5250

Hula Penguin
Hula penguin cupcake from Blue Cupcake via Flickr

Fondant penguins
Fondant penguins from Cupcake Love Niagara on Flickr

Linux penguin cupcakes singing from Flickr user mkrigsman

from Flickr user leadenhall

penguin army
Penguin cupcake army from Flickr user dtom

from Flickr user EyMie

P.. P .. P.. Pick up a Penguin !
from Flickr user abbietabbie who says, "All decorations modelled in fondant. Penguin based on an Ann Pickard design."

And our recent guest blogger Devanie from Easy Cupcakes has a penguing cupcake how-to, and so does Ladies Home Journal so you can make your own!


Cupcake Man said…
Hey, I have a cupcake blog too -- but it's a more subtle kind of flavour!.
twopartssugar said…
Thanks for posting pics from Two Parts Sugar! All of these penguins are adorable! Thanks again for the continued support!
March of the Adorable Cupcakes! Love all of 'em.
Glamour Girl said…
They look delicious!
Ann was here... said…
ahhhhhhh! penguin overload! *dies from the cuteness*
Anonymous said…
It's a Penguin Palooza!!!
Merriam said…
I could never eat something so cute! Just as adorable, if not more so, than real penguins!
apparentlyjessy said…
The penguins are adorable...but I personally would like to see more flamingo cupcakes!
Jennifer Renee said…
your Cupcakes are amazing! I was just getting into learning how to decorate cakes and you guys definately bring extra inspiration into the world.
Keep Smiling!
Anonymous said…
Wow, Love all of`em! And they are so cut..
Kamby said…
omg, super cute loooove those penguin cute cupcakes just wanna eat em up!