Baileys cupcakes

I always feel bad that as a foodie I don't know more about alcohol spirits and wines. I don't drink, and never have, so I am quite ignorant when it comes to liquor flavors. Baileys Irish Cream (the trademark omits the apostrophe, for some reason) is a mix of whiskey, cream, and vanilla, chocolate, and caramel flavors. Whatever. It sounds like it would make a spectacular cupcake! And, don't these cupcakes just look scrumptious?

bailey's cupcake - looking down

plate full of bailey's cupcakes

Both photos from Flickr photographer Keithius.


Blogging Molly said…
I bet those are delish! I may have to make them next weekend. (using Molly's, not Baileys Irish Cream of course)
~V said…
Those DO look delicious!
mims said…
Oh my! Is there a recipe for these?
Amanda said…
Recipe is here:

Indigo said…
I made them from the same recipe as well. They're just beautiful! Here's my version