Cherry chip cupcakes

These are from blogger A Good Appetite, who writes:

When I was a little girl I always thought the most tempting cake mix on the shelves of the grocery store was the Cherry Chip. That pale, pink cake with those sweet, bright pink flecks in it, what little girl could resist. I know now as an adult that there was no cherry in those cupcakes at all instead there is something called cherry flavored pieces (pieces of what I'm not sure). So, I decided to use some of the dried cherries I got for Christmas to create my own Cherry Chip Cupcakes.

Cherry Chip Cupcake

Cherry Chip Cupcakes

photos via Flickr


Julie said…
Your post made me smile- Cherry Chip is my favorite box mix! It's so funny that you mention it because, typically, people have never heard of it. I remember for a few years it disappeared from my grocery store's shelves and then one day I was at the store and there it was... I think I purchased 5-7 boxes out of fear that they'd stop carrying it again :-)
Cupcake Swirl said…
That would be so great with my coffee right this minute YUM!
veggievixen said…
mmm i love using dried cherries in baked goods