Even MORE Obama-mania, cupcake-style

Are you sick of the inauguration yet? I hope not. I'm still giddy with the celebratory spirit, and to share my happiness with all of you, I'm posting yet another Obama Inauguration Cupcake post.

Photographer brytness posted this shot of Obama cupcakes:
the cupcake delivery

I just adore this one:
From photographer (and, quite possibly, knitter) historyweaver.

Yay for Tantek, friend of CTTC and Obama cupcakes:

And check out these patriotic babies, from right here in NYC, via photographer calculat0r:
Patriotic Cupcakes

Yes We Can! Obamacake!
Courtesy Flickr photog PlayerOne.

Cupcakes to keep you company while watching the inauguration coverage:
Thanks to Kevin for this shot.

Mmm...these look yummy:
Inaugural Cupcakes
Shot by photographer kentbrew.

Massachusetts photog zebraman shot these beauties:
Inaugural Cupcakes

And, finally (for now...) these sweet and no doubt delicious inauguration cupcakes:
Inauguration Cupcakes
Shot by and perhaps baked by docjohnboy.

Need one more? Okay, okay:
Some excessively patriotic baked goods
These were labeled "Excessively patriotic baked goods." I love it! Thanks to Flickr photog hoosadork.

I have the audacity of hope. Yay!


Margherita. said…
Looking at your blog always makes me very very hungry.
definitely NOT sick of Obama Mania, or Obama Cupcakes....bring it on.....yippee, BTW, please thank Rachel for posting the Obama cupcakes we did.....sweet city cupcakes.....
Dots said…
Wow! These cupcakes rock! Go Obama!
Ovens Cooktops said…
Love this!!!!!!! Wish I thought of it first. heehee