Martha Stewart show, a photopost

Cupcakes Take the Cake and some cupcake-lovin' friends went to a taping of the Martha Stewart show a couple /few days ago. The show will air, I think, this Wednesday (the day after the inauguration), January 21. You can check local listings here. It was a cupcake-themed show (of course!) and I was thrilled to see two of my favorite bakeries featured: Butter Lane and Sweet Revenge. They are both highlights of NYC bakeries and so deserving of the accolades.

Anyway, here's my photopost of the show; I'll leave reviews and opinions to Rachel or Nichelle, both of whom attended the show.

Okay, so it was SO cold! I arrived a bit early and the line was already quite long:
Martha Stewart Show

Rachel was there, and Brownie of the famous Blondie and Brownie, too. (A sweeter woman could not be found. More on that to come.)
Martha Stewart Show

And Nichelle, wearing a cute cupcake necklace:
Martha Stewart Show

Brownie holding my ticket stub:
Martha Stewart Show

Gettin' ready for Martha, in the waiting area.
Martha Stewart Show
Rachel, Brownie, Nichelle, and Danielle.

Audience being prepped by the preshow funny guy, whose name escapes me.
Martha Stewart Show

Brownie brought pupcakes for Martha! I would never have thought of such a nice gesture. She made pupcakes for Martha's new puppy (Genghis Khan).
Martha Stewart Show

The set:
Martha Stewart Show

More set:
Martha Stewart Show

Even more set:
Martha Stewart Show

Yet more of the set:
Martha Stewart Show

And the lighting!
Martha Stewart Show

Our row:
Martha Stewart Show

At this point, I was pointedly asked to put my camera away. So, we'll pick back up at the end of the show. You'll have to watch the show to see what happens. (Oooh -- the suspense!)

So, it's now after the show and I've whipped my camera back out.

One of the cupcakes Martha's show fed us:
Martha Stewart Show
I will say this: I felt Martha could have done better. I would have preferred a Butter Lane or Sweet Revenge cupcake! I had a serious Sweet Revenge "Pure" cupcake crave. Mmm...Mexican vanilla (from Utah?)! (Again, you'll have to see the show to understand that.)

A moment after the show with Martha:
Martha Stewart Show

Some merch from Martha:
Martha Stewart Show

You can see the rest of the images I took here, and please provide a photo credit if you choose to use any of the pictures.


Noor said…
Oh I love Martha your so lucky to have went. The blog Bakerella actually got to be on her show :) so fun..
Becky said…
those pupcakes melt my heart. they seriously look like her doggy :)

i can't wait to see the show. and i'm trying to think of what Mexican vanilla from Utah. I'll just have to watch.

Thanks for the preview!
Electric Cook said…
I went to the show on 10/29/08 with my grandmother for her 83rd birthday. She loves Martha and thinks she is a hoot. We had a cold and rainy morning. We saw the Georgetown Bakery episode with the election cupcakes.

I even got to ask Martha a question about fondant at the end of the segment.

We loved being on the show and just loved Joey. The music between the segments was great.

We received a book, a magazine and one cupcake in a pink box with black ribbon from Georgetown Bakery at the end of the show.

I would difinately go on the show again.
Andrea said…
Thanks for the heads up, I'm all set to tivo this episode!
The funny guys name is Joey. I watch MS religiously so I'm looking forward to this episode. I think I'll also pick up a copy of her February magazine. As always, thanks for sharing!