All about the cupcake wrapper

These photos are from the Flickr account of Couture Cupcakes (aka The Blushing Bakeshop), which is based in Maryland and sells their cupcakes via custom order and mail order, also sells their cupcake wrappers under the name The Blushing Bakeshop (the wrappers sell for $1.75 each).

Orange Sparkle Cup

Butterfly Cup

Green Cups

Christmas Cupcakes
(I know Christmas is long past, but these are beautiful)

The Blushing Bakeshop
bake at


Pen Pen said…
OMG! That tree is SO awesome!!! Do they have a 'how-to' I read on how they made it?! It doesn't look like stacked cookies-----fondant maybe?!
HanamiGallery said…
beautiful cupcake wrappers!
Lyns said…
Just gorgeous! I like how they made the tree! very brilliant,
Lyns said…
She has a blog how'd u do that here is the url
Pen Pen said…
Yay! Thanks for the head up!!
Screamin' Mama said…
These wrappers make cupcakes even more special! Great idea!