relaunches and Crumbs now ships their cupcakes

Crumbs Bakeshop, the primarily cupcake bakery that started in New York and has since expanded across the country, just relaunched their website Snapshots from the site, which now features news clippings, a cupcake of the week, and photos of all their cupcake offerings, plus maps of the East and West coasts with markings where Crumbs are located.

New Crumbs website

New Crumbs website

They've also joined the list of bakeries that ship their cupcakes to the contiguous 48 U.S. states. See this section of their site for details. Yesterday I got a delivery of 12 mini cupcakes and 6 of their large cupcakes. The large ones got a bit jostled, which could have been me getting them out of the box; the minis were perfectly intact. All had flags to help keep them in place, but not to identify which cupcakes were which.

I personally prefer their minis because I think they are a perfect size for a cupcake and would much rather get an assortment than just one or two super-huge ones, especially if I don't know what flavors people like. I shared my cupcakes and got mixed reviews, and everyone had a different favorite. Here's some photos of the cupcakes. I especially liked the cookie dough, and I even liked the carrot cake, and that's not normally my favorite. I liked the vanilla filling in the Hostess cupcake, and find Crumbs' chocolate cake preferable to their other cakes.


Crumbs mail order

The cookie dough mini had chocolate inside:


Another reason to love mini cupcakes: they can pose!

Crumbs Bakeshop mini cupcakes by mail order


Anonymous said…
Wow...Crumbs took their product and made it look exactly like SAS Cupcakes does for shipping complete with pennants.How unoriginal...