Cupcakes so pretty they almost look fake

Cupcakes from Candy Cakes in the UK

These seriously look like they're made of...I don't know what, but something not edible, don't you think?

And yet they are!

They're all from Candy Cakes in the UK, which does custom cupcakes and ships them within London. You can add them on Facebook and who are also on Flickr.

Cupcakes from Candy Cakes in the UK

Cupcakes from Candy Cakes in the UK

Here's how Candy Cakes describes their business:

Candy Cakes was established in 2006 with the express intention of bringing innovation to the cake world. By combining the freshest flavours to the best of cake design the Candy Cakes muffin style range was born. Their combinations are always intriguing, mixing vibrant colours with exotic candy toppings, some just should not work but they do!

Candy Cakes cater for a range of tastes favourites including Spider Lovin, Strawberry Sundae, Techno Mouse, Alphabet City and the Chocolate Flyer. The flamboyant names reflecting the nature of the cakes. We take care to ensure that each individual Candy Cake is made from natural ingredients - with no artificial colourings, preservatives or additives used in the manufacturing process.

Cupcakes from Candy Cakes in the UK

Their publicist had sent us the above photos, but then I found these ones below on Flickr, and I just couldn't resist. The season has passed but these are so adorable, and again, look like children's toys or something, rather than cupcakes (I mean that in the best possible way).

Candy Cakes
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Fax: +44((0) 207 631 5112
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Mandy said…
Oh my goodness they all look so gorgeous. Wouldnt want to eat them!
Lyns said…
I love this place!!! Spongebob cupcakery is awesome too I just posted in the wrong arena.
Shannon said…
I went in there when I was on vacation and I wasn't impressed at all :( All of the cuppers I saw looked sloppy and none had just regular icing. All looked like they were covered in a type of fondant, and that rarely tastes good. So yes, I didn't even buy one! Crazy. Maybe I'm just pampered by the US shops I tend to be in.
Angeli said…
They look like they're made of polymer clay!
Anonymous said…
Problem with this place is that they're bought in muffins just covered in fondant icing. And with colours that bright there's no way they'll EVER convince me that those food colourings are natural!!!!!
Yvie said…
I've been! It was crazy...I didnt think that there was anywhere like this in England, and to be honest, it makes me want my bakery even more!