Parklife outdoes itself with its glamourous cupcakes

These cupcakes by Parklife Cakery in the UK via Flickr are just dripping in cupcake beauty. (Yes, I'm a sucker for glitter.)

Parkilfe Cupcakes Worthing Sussex

Parklife Cupcakes Worthing Sussex

Parklife cupcakes Worthing Sussex

And even though I could never eat this many, seeing row upon row of pretty cupcakes lined up like this always puts a smile on my face:

Parklife Cupcakes Worthing Sussex


apparentlyjessy said…
Wow, the edible glitter sure does make cupcakes more glamorous!
droach75 said…
Wow those cupcakes look amazin'
michael said…
Thanks for all your comments on my cakes. It is always nice to hear positive remarks and that we are doing a good job here in the UK. We are a really small business based in Worthing, Sussex on the south coast of England (Near Brighton) and would be so pleased to meet any visitors from afar. So if your passing come and say hello and sample them first hand!
Parklife Cakery x