Say hello to Mr. Cupcakes and his cupcake cakes

Mr. Cupcakes logo

As I just posted about, Mr. Cupcakes is a cupcake bakery in Clifton, New Jersey. They specialize in cupcake cakes! Yes, they are made from cupcakes, even if some of them you can't tell from the top. I love the way cupcake cakes serve double duty and give the best of both worlds: a fun party cake and individual cupcakes for all!

Check out some of them below. The next time I'm in NJ, I plan to visit. These photos are all from Marisa at Mr. Cupcakes on Flickr. Thanks, Marisa!

Hannah Montana guitar cupcake cake

globe cupcake cake

Thomas the Train cupcake cake

Ghostbusters cupcake cake

Redbird at Rockefeller Center book cover cupcake cake

Jonas Brothers guitar cupcake cake
And this isn't a cake, but cupcakes with Chinese symbols (anyone know what they say?):

And last but certainly not least...a cupcake-shaped cupcake cake!

For those who just can't get enough of cupcake cakes, see this Flickr pool all about cupcake cakes.

Mr. Cupcakes
1216 Van Houten Ave.
Clifton, NJ 07013
info at


Lady P said…
The top row of chinese cupcakes - basically - good luck, middle row - hope and last or bottom row -love. Glad to help - I am a cupcake baker and a chinese speaker!! Finally, my worlds collide!!
dolly said…
Translation of Chinese characters:
first row: Luck or good luck
second: Hope
third: Love
Needs work on the writing, esp. character for love. Not exactly Chinese, more like kanji (Japanese).
Beth said…
I've tried Mr. Cupcakes. I got a few cupcakes to go... and I didn't know what to make of the place. My cupcake tasting was inconsistent. I had one cupcake that was very dry and crumbly and another flavor cupcake that was so moist it was borderline undercooked.
Anonymous said…
Chinese characters:
first row:happiness
third: love (but this is written in simplified Chinese form, hence the comment about it looking un-Chinese)
Anonymous said…
this is seriously the bessssst cupcakery ive found in NJ! the cakes are pretty dense so be prepared. definately get your butt there!!
Carly said…
Oh man, I thought I was going to be the first to jump on the Chinese translations, but I'm long overdue. I can at least offer pinyin:

first row-- xing4fu2
second row-- xi1wang4
third row-- ai4