Torontoist Birthday Bash Cupcake Bake-Off

Torontoist birthday cupcake bake-off
original photo by whoaa buddy

From Torontoist:

We want you to create a cupcake that says "Toronto"—to you. (And by "says," we simply mean that we want your cupcake to somehow channel the essence, or an aspect of, "Toronto.") And then we want you to send us one (just one!) photograph of your finished creation by 12:00 p.m. on Wednesday March 4, 2009. On the eve of March 6, Toronto's 175th birthday, we'll have judged your submissions—they'll be voted on by Torontoist staffers—and we'll be ready to announce the winners (and post as many cupcake photos as possible)...

We want your submission to be: a) original (writing "T.O." in pink frosting is nice, but...); b) pleasing—or at least intriguing—to the eye; c) as tied to the "Toronto" theme as possible; and d) obviously, we want you to make and decorate these cupcakes yourselves (no bakery sub-ins, puh-lease). Also, please note that by sending us your submission, you're giving us permission to publish your name, your cupcake photo, and accompanying blurb.

See Torontoist for entry details, and good luck! May the best cupcake win.


Anonymous said…
This is great!
I'm so upset I missed this, I would have loved to represent Toronto on a cupcake.