Batch Cupcakery in Reno

Reno News & Review brings us the scoop on new bakery Batch Cupcakery (also on Twitter and Facebook):

They make a point of using organic ingredients: pure Belgian chocolate, local eggs, organic raisins and Madagascar vanilla. They even offer up some vegan cupcake options, like “Peace of Chocolate,” a vegan dark chocolate cupcake.

Other flavors include “What’s Up Doc,” a carrot cake cupcake, and “PB No J,” a chocolate cupcake with a peanut butter frosting and topped with peanut butter cup. Some of the cupcake names have local connections—their “rocky road inspired” cupcake is called “Geiger Grade.”

“We’re Not in Kansas Anymore” is a chocolate cupcake with “Emerald City” mint frosting.

“We had that title before we knew what flavor it was going to be,” says Angius. “I just really like that phrase. … It’s fun to hear people request these funny names.”

If you can read about some of those flavors without getting hungry then you have no soul.

For Angius, part of the unique appeal of cupcakes is the synergy and fusion between cake and frosting. “The right combination of cupcake and frosting can just make your tastebuds sing,” she says.

“Without the frosting, it’s just a muffin,” jokes Batch employee Christy Markwell.

So why are cupcakes such an appealing commodity in this wretched economy?

“In this economy—and we don’t really pay too much attention to that, though we know a little about what’s going on—people are really looking for something to hold onto,” says Angius. “And who would’ve thought that one of those comfort foods would be cupcakes? You have no idea how many people we have come in here and say, ‘Oh, this is just what I needed.’”

So cupcakes are like little fantasy items—small, delicious, handheld relics from a more perfect world. And another reason cupcakes are popular right now is that, in addition to being delicious, they’re also cheap. At Batch, they’re $1.50 apiece. That’s cheap enough that you can buy a couple—that way you can have your cupcake and it eat it, too.

Batch Cupcakery
655 Booth St.
Reno, NV 89509
batchcupcakery at


Marie said…
I am a Renoite and have been to Batch. It's a cute little store with friendly employees. I had two cupcakes: Jeckyl and Hyde (chocolate and vanilla) and pumpkin. The J&H was very tasty. The pumpkin has good flavor but was a bit raw. My boyfriend loved the two he got and can't stop talkign aobut going back!