Behold, the Lucky Charms cupcake!

Lucky Charms cupcake from Flour & Sun Bakery!

I've been trying to wait and save up all the St. Patrick's Day cupcakes I've been seeing for one post, but this cupcakes is so special it truly needs its own post. It's avaiable March 3, 14, 15 and 17th from Pleasantville, New York's Flour & Sun Bakery (see my post about my visit) - they're closed Mondays. I'll be in Austin for SXSW so won't be able to try it but my mouth is watering for it. Funnily enough, Momofuku Milk Bar in Manhattan has been selling cereal-flavored soft serve ice cream, and their Lucky Charms one is delicious! (They rotate flavors, so I'm not sure how long they'll have it.)

This one sells for $3 and the official title is "The Lucky" and the description is: "chocolate or vanilla with marshmallow frosting rolled in Lucky Charms."


Anonymous said…
This is the best cupcake! I LOVE IT!
Anonymous said…
YAYYY Lucky Charms. Have fun at SXSW! I'm a DJ in college radio and all the promoters I work with will be there AND my favorite blog writers!!! *wants to go* :)
Anonymous said…
The Crack Pie recipe, is on website...I know its not a cupcake...but its supposed to be pretty good!