Cupcakes for dessert at a Mexican restaurant

One thing we don't post about here too often is cupcakes served at restaurants, mostly because we don't hear about this from readers or online as much as we do places specializing in cupcakes. So it was interesting to read that Orlando, Florida's Confetti Cupcakery is selling their cupcakes to Mexican restaurant El Coqui Mexicano.

The cupcakes are pictured above (via the Confetti Cupcakery blog) and their description is below.

"Mexican Chocolate Cupcakes:

Dark chocolate cake flavored with Ancho Chile Powder, Chipotle Chili Powder, and Cinnamon! The Cake is frosted with a Dark Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting and topped with Mexican Chocolate pieces and a dash of Chiptole Chili Powder!"

Their guava and cream cheese cupcakes are also available at the restaurant: "Moist Vanilla Cake infused with pieces of Guava paste and sweetened slightly with a home made guava syrup! The cake is topped off with a Vanilla Cream Cheese frosting and a small piece of guava!"

What do you think? Would you like to see cupcakes offered at more restaurants, and if so, what kinds of restaurants?


Metalsgirl said…
Oh yum! I would love to see cupcakes offeresd at more restaurants IF they are done well and not just for the sake of being a cupcake.

On a recent trip to NYC we did a blind tase test between Billy's and Magnolia. it was super fun. I won't say who one - but it was a landslide - and both are really good. :)