Friday, March 13, 2009

Lawyer-themed cupcakes

As a law school dropout and friend of many lawyers, I really appreciated these cupcakes by Flickr user andbreathe. (see this food photography set too)

Don't you just love the gavels? Captions by andbreathe.

Lawyer-Themed cupcakes
Gavels made from mini-marshmallows dipped in black food coloring, with pretzels.

Lawyer-Themed cupcakes
MacAir Books - made from wafers, flattened marshmallows, caramal (as glue), and gel pens (for the wire)

Lawyer-Themed cupcakes
Textbooks made from slices of mints, legal pads drawn with icing markers

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Vinita said...

I already hungry. Wish I was there where the photo was taken.