Pistachio baklava cupcake!

The recipe isn't online yet, but will be soon, but I could not resist sharing these photos that literally made my jaw drop. Baklava...in a cupcake? WOW! They're from Flickr user norwichnuts who also has a blog called Gonna Go Walk the Dogs which has lots of cupcake recipes, including Turkish Coffee Cupcakes and Carob Macadamia Kona Koffee Cupcakes.

Description via Flickr:

Pistachio Baklava Cupcake

Mild flavored vanilla cupcake encases a chocolate drizzled pistachio baklava. The cupcake is bathed in a pistachio agave syrup immulsion and dolloped with pistachio kreme....then topped with a dark chocolate cluster of pistachios.

And inside the cupcake:

Pistachio Baklava Cupcake


tamdoll said…
Oh man. I can almost taste it.
Shell said…
I love baklava. And now a Baklava cupcake. I know is so good!!!
elagg26 said…
i NEED the recipe for these! they sound amazing!
caramsey said…
Talk about some "Sugar Shock!" Shock Me! Shock Me!