S'mores cupcake via blowtorch, a photo essay

The stages of creating a perfect s'mores cupcake (one of my favorite cupcake flavors ever, I'd give anything to try this, but alas, it can't be shipped!) by Provo, Utah bakery The Sweet Tooth Fairy via Flickr.

I think I'd be scared to operate a blowtorch myself, even a mini one like this, but I really cannot get enough of the taste of gooey, roasted marshmallow, especially when melted inside a toasty, crispy outside. I'd say I'm addicted but I only have anything s'mores-like every once in a while, but I bet if I lived in Provo I'd be having one, oh, every other day? Or wanting to, at least.



This is too cute for words--I love s'mores and am always looking to create s'more inspired desserts!
Miki said…
I found your blog and just love all the pics you've posted. However, for this pic with the cupcake guy doing the smore's then blowing on it is not good. This is one thing we would never do due to sanitary reasons. This is like blowing on birthday cakes. I am sorry I just have issues with people blowing on food and serving it to others. This is why I don't eat birthday cakes.
Anonymous said…
I don't think i'd hold the cupcake whilst torching. seems scary.