Monday, March 09, 2009

Stuff to play with

Recently I've received some new cupcake- or baking-related items I'm eager to play with. I plan on baking oodles of cupcakes for my birthday so perhaps I'll be able to try and report back on some of these items.

Confectionery House cupcake liners:

Confectionery House liners

Confectionery House liners

(polka dots make me smile)

From KaTom Restaurant Supply (the company has a blog too!), some flexible silicone mixing bowls:

KaTom supplies

and a pan scraper, which I am most eager to try out:

KaTom supplies

KaTom supplies


Little Miss Cupcake said...

I WISH I could get some of those fabulous liners here in France! I LOVE the black polka dot ones! When is your birthday, Stacie Joy?

Paula said...

Those bowls are fabulous! I just purchased some and the flexible silicone makes adding dry ingredients to a stand mixer a breeze.