Animal cupcakes

Animal cupcakes are always adorable, and though they're often geared toward kids, I'm 33 and find them charming and would totally have animal cupcakes at my next birthday party!

Jungle Critter Cakes
by Flickr user daintyindulgence - Rainbow vanilla cupcakes with vanilla/chocolate buttercream and animal features

When Dinosaurs Roamed the Cupcake!!
Dinosaur cupcakes from Townsville, Australia's Happy Cakes, via Flickr

Lady Bug Cupcake
Flickr user Flirty Kitty found this ladybug cupcake at Westborn Market in Dearborn, MI

Pinky Pig
Pig cupcakes from CupCakes Frenzy of Jakarta, Indonesia via Flickr

springtime cupcakes "bug"
Flickr user bakertillie made these spring-themed cupcakes with handmade chocolate bugs


the ungourmet said…
The first ones are so adorable! I love the Giraffe!
Mary said…
So imaginative!
Jenna (KaTom) said…
How insanely cute are those?!

Hope you all are doing well!
Holy cow- these are awesome! Your blog both inspires me and makes me hungry. ...So I don't ever know whether to thank you or be mad at you. LOL!
lyndsay said…
wheeee! so great!!! i can't even believe how awesome those animal faces are-- and i love the dinosaurs too, great colors!!!
the princess said…
i love the giraffe! i would love to make one like that!